Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Printer Manufacturers Focus on Direct Mail Marketers

With direct mail being the fastest growing advertising segment off-line, makers of printers are targeting direct marketing advertisers. With more marketers using personalized, targeted messages to their audience, there is a big market for high volume printing systems.

"Altogether, the U.S. direct-mail printing business is a $62.2 billion market that's expected to grow around 6%, or 7 billion pages a year, data from marketing consultants Winterberry Group and Universal McCann show."

New printers are coming to the market which will be able to do high volume, as well as offer more options for color printing, wide format and graphic printing.

As costs go down, these new products could enable more marketers to bring their production in-house.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You Must Effectively Target Your Prospects For Success

If you're not targeting your prospects you are wasting resources and severely limiting your chances of success.

This article tells how one company got zero responses mailing to everyone in their area.

When they focused on their "dream" clients, larger companies that would generate bigger sales, they were able to get the biggest sale in the history of their company.

The key to their success was:
Proper Targeting + Creative Marketing + Follow-up = Success

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American Chronicle.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tips for Getting Your Mail Opened

CRM Magazine provides some suggestions as to how to get people to open your direct mail piece.

While some of the tips are very basic, a few of them could use some additional clarification.

Tip 1: While using Fed Ex or Western Union to deliver a large mailing may be cost prohibitive, there are other options. We have seen mailing envelopes which at first glance appear to be sent via priority mail from a nationally recognized carrier. Upon further inspection these "imitation" mailing envelopes were sent bulk mail. Most prospective clients will open this mailer thinking it is a priority package.

Tip 2: I wouldn't give the impression of a celebrity endorsement without permission. Consult with your lawyer first.

Tip 7: This touches on the concept of incorporating follow-up mailings as part of your marketing campaign. Try a different approach, test a different offer or headline on your additional mailings.

Tip 9: ALWAYS focus on the customer and how your product or service will benefit them, or solve a problem they might have.

Tips 11 & 12: Using a bonus will increase your response rates. Your call to action will be much more powerful if you can say, "Order now and receive this special Bonus, available only while supplies last." Or, "Order by (date) and receive this special Bonus."

Feel free to share any of your tips with us in the comments section. Thanks.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reasons Direct Mail is Still Effective

With the increase in on-line marketing and other marketing channels, such as tv/radio/print, competing for your advertising dollars, the effectiveness of direct mail is often questioned.

However, mailing to a targeted mailing list has consistently proven to be one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. By increasing the quantity of pieces you mail, your per piece production costs will drop and you will likely qualify for bulk mailing discounts. This will help you realize greater savings while reaching more prospects.

Through direct mail you can also deliver a large amount of information and guide the reader through the order process.

If you are able to combine a telemarketing follow-up you can expect to achieve an even greater response rate.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Benefits of Post Card Marketing

A fundamental theory of marketing is, "the more you tell, the more you sell."
With this in mind, many marketers use a long sales letter. By doing so, they believe
they can present a compelling call to action to purchase their product.

However, don't underestimate the benefits of using postcards.

With their lower postage cost, postcards offer a cost effective way to reach your target audience.

Due to their nature, they will usually make an impression, whereas a letter
may or may not get opened and read.

They are great to use as a follow-up or last chance offer.

Consider incorporating postcard mailings in your next marketing campaign.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Direct Mail Basics

If you're new to direct mail marketing, you probably have a bunch of questions.
How do I start? What should I do?

Putting together a campaign isn't the most difficult task in the world. However, there are some steps that are critical to the success of your mailing.

The following article at :

ALL BUSINESS is a good primer on direct marketing basics. Use this information as a guide to help get started.

As with anything marketing related, the key to success is to test. Always track your results so that you can monitor your progress.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


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