Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Piece Work

Philip W. Sawyer of Advertising Age recently did an article titled, "Why Print Advertising Isn't Working."

From this article we can take some tips to enhance the performance of your direct mail piece.

- Don't overwhelm the reader with multiple images. Use a single compelling image to grab their attention and put your copy below. Keep it clean and easy to read.

- Don't use multiple fonts and sizes except for your phone number and website, you want these to stand out.

- Use concise and easy to read headlines and copy. Most importantly, Mr. Sawyer states "Making a good, cogent argument for the product or service is what transforms the interested bystander into a committed shopper and advocate."

- As we've stated here many times before, the focus should be on the benefits your product or service provides. The reader needs to know, "What's in it for me?"
Any effective ad will address this question and the reader will know they now have to heed your call to action.

For more tips, read the full article here.