Friday, March 13, 2015

Benefits of Direct Mail vs. E-mail

Today, with people so focused on their cell phones and tablets, it is easy to overlook traditional marketing.  Between e-mails, social media and viral videos people forget that direct mail is still a powerful tool that should not be dismissed.

In a great article on, Craig Simpson discusses four solid reasons to use direct mail instead of e-mail marketing. Craig gives you strong reasons for each.  Check it out, it's a great read.

I'll give you two bonus reasons, based on the experiences of clients we have worked with.
Bonus 1: Spam Filters : People have different types of spam filters on their e-mails.  Some people will only see messages from people in their contact list.  Just because you have a valid e-mail address does not mean that it will get to the intended recipient, and even if it does, it could easily be ignored.  Careful, one wrong word in the subject line can get you straight in the spam folder.

Bonus 2: Reach :  Simply put you can contact more people through direct mail than e-mail.  There are more verifiable names available.  Be wary of those trying to sell you a large e-mail contact list cheap.
Most likely you'll waste your money and not help your marketing campaign.

Feel free to share your thoughts on direct mail vs. e-mail below.

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